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SNCB/NMBS class 18

According to the rising of TEE services in the early 70's, SNCB/NMBS needed new multivoltage locomotives. They decided to built 6 units derived from the French CC-40100 series but more powerfull, since it was nescessary for the units to be able to climb the steep grade of 30‰ between Liège-Guillemins and Ans.

The units hauled intl. trains on the Belgian lines from Brussels to Paris, from Liťge to Paris and on the relation Ostend - Brussels - Cologne - Dortmund. Since the "Freccia del Sole" holiday-trains was no longer hauled by a series 16 unit for the whole distance, the series 18 held the record for the longest ride: Cologne - Brussels - Paris.

SNCB/NMBS class 18
general overview
Technical data

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Since 1986, the SNCB series 18 and 15 units were used in pool with the French CC-40100 locos for service between Brussels and Paris, until june 1996, when the CC-40100 quit service and these hauled intl. trains were replaced by Thalys trainsets.
Until june 1998 three (1801, 1805 and 1806) units were in use between Oostend, Brussels, Liége and Köln. Unit 1803 was put aside in perfect condition, as spare locomotive in case one of the three others would fail.

After the number of ICs between Oostend and Köln was halved, there was only rare use of SNCB on this relation. Nowadays SNCB class 18 is not in regular service anymore and Cologne has lost one railway-attraction...

 Technical data
Length overall 22080 mm
Distance between suspension centres 14340 mm
Distance between axles 3216 mm
Distance between suspension centre and buffers
Height from rail to buffer
Height from rail to roof
Height from rail to lowered panto
Wheel diameter 1100 mm

Other data
Type C'C'
Year of construction 1973-1974
Number built so far 6
Numbering 1801-1806
Weight (tons) 113
Produced power (kW) 4320
Power supply (kV) 1,5kV DC; 3kV DC
25kV 50Hz; 15kV 16 2/3Hz
Max. speed (km/h) 180
Max. axle loading (ton)
Max. traction effort at standstill (kN)

1801 Service terminated, currently parked at Ronet
1802 Service terminated due to age of bogies at 14.4.1997, currently parked at Kinkempois
1803 Put aside as spare functional loco for other 18-members at 1.4.1997, and used for stationary testing of carriages in Salzinnes. In 2006 the pantos were removed and the machine was transferred to Raeren station.
1804 Service terminated due to age of bogies at 1.1.1997
currently parked at Kinkempois
1805 Service terminated, handed over to Le patrimoine ferroviaire touristique for museal purposes
1806 Service terminated, currently parked at Ronet

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