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Padborg (Denmark - Germany)

In summer 1996 the electrification of the whole line Hamburg - Flensburg - Padborg was completed and on June 2nd the first electric train passed the border. Due to the sleek track layout the system-change was located at Padborg.
The few international passenger-trains (mainly IR-services Hannover - Hamburg - Fredericia and some night-trains) suffered from minor usage.

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Flensburg - Express
After 'DB Reise & Touristik' discontinued those services in December 2002, private operator FLEX AG started to work regular trains on the relation Hamburg - Padborg subsidised by federal state Schleswig-Holstein. In autumn 2003 NOB (a branch of Connex) took over the working of the trains because FLEX AG had became insolvent.

DB class 103 in Padborg
DB 103 137 has been detached from its IR in September 2000
Welcome to Padborg
FLEX from Hamburg has reached eastern platform
©2004 Heinz Treber
Leaving Padborg
DSB IR4 is ready to depart from western platform
©2004 Heinz Treber

With the opening of Storebælt fixed link (1997) and Øresund Belt link (2000) freight-trains from Sweden to Germany became possible and the importance of Padborg station grew. Meanwhile several operators (e.g. FLEX, RAG, NVAG, TGOJ) pass the border or at least reach Padborg.

under foreign voltage
IR from Hamburg has arrived at western platform...
©2002 Harald S.
Pantos down
...and will change locos with this southbound IR
©2002 Harald S.
Southbound freight-train
DB 185 026 ready to depart from Padborg
©2002 Harald S.

track layout of Padborg
thanks to Dirk Kupfer

The track-layout is seperated into two sections both in the eastern passenger-part as in the western freight-part as well. Because all daily passenger-trains terminate, merely the single-voltage locos of night-trains have to be hauled away by diesel-shunters.
Single-voltage locos of freight-trains coast into the foreign section with lowered panto and are pushed back into their system by diesels. DSB branch 'Railion Denmark' operates three freight trains per day to Hamburg-Maschen since June 2002 hauled by class DSB EG.

Return to Hamburg
NOB 185 516 waits for its southbound departure
©2004 Manfred Hirtz
FLEX - FLensburgEXpress
The rebuilt waggons of FLEX in the 15kV-section
©2003 Heinz Treber
Parade of several locomotives
Various locomotives enligned in the freight-section
©2003 Harald S.

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