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pictures by Jan Skalicky

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 "Konrad Bier" at Zittau
SBE railbus (former DB VT98) ready to depart from Zittau as regional service via Großs... (viewed 11708 times / 73 times per month)

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 DB 180 at Dolni-Zleb
Passenger train hauled by a DB class 180 passing platforms of border-station Dolni-Zle... (viewed 8789 times / 55 times per month)

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 DB 642 at Vejprty
Regional train Chemnitz - Klingethal - Vejprty worked by DB class 642 arrives at its f... (viewed 9630 times / 60 times per month)

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 Decin station
CD class 372 and DB class 180 with regional weekend train Decin - Bad Schandau at Czec... (viewed 9424 times / 59 times per month)

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 Passing Bad Schandau
DB dual-voltage loco 180 019 passes the station of Bad Schandau with its freight-train... (viewed 9332 times / 58 times per month)

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