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Line-up of HUPAC operators

Line-up of operators working HUPAC services at Chiasso on 18. March 2005. At this time SBB Cargo, Stinnes (Railion), Trenitalia Cargo, Ferrovie Nord Milano and Rail4Chem provided haulage of HUPAC trains.
The following locos met: FNM 189 999 (hired from Siemens Dispolok), SBB Cargo 484 016, Trenitalia Cargo 405 016 and DB 185 132. Unfortunately Rail4Chem was not able to share the event.
In the background yet another loco of FNM (unknown class 630) can be spotted.
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Line-up of HUPAC operators
picture by: Maurizio Tolini (» 17 contributions)
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