Railways through Europe maps and interoperabilty
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Several pages related to different topics are merged in this section. And apart from some tables for reference also some amusing stuff is availabe.

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UIC 920-1 numbering scheme

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If you're looking for a list of geographical abbreviations (e.g. German DS100 or the British TIPLOC or TLA) the external links on the right side might provide an up-to-date version of lists or even search forms.
geographical abbreviations
Germany: Liste der DS100-AbkŁrzungen
Germany: Search form of German DS100-codes

Netherlands: NS verkortingen

Belgium: spoorwegstations met telegrafische afkortingen

France: Liste des abrťviations des localitťs Fichier

Denmark: station name abbreviations
Denmark: Stationsforkortelser hos DSB og privatbanerne

Sweden: Svenske forkortelser

Finland: Liikennepaikkahaku

Austria: Verzeichnis der Betriebsstellen (DB 640)

Great Britain: CRS, NLC, TIPLOC and STANOX Codes

Switzerland: Verzeichnis der Betriebspunkte (DIDOK)

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