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map of Vienna area
Karte der Region Wien

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Thanks to:
Hans Goebl, Michael Katai and many more...

Line Bad Pirawarth - Sulz Museumsdorf closed, removed from the map (square F1).
East to south curve avoiding Absdorf-Hippersdorf opened for freight traffic (C2).
North to west curve avoiding Tulln opened for freight traffic (C2).
Freight line Bruck an der Leitha - Rohrau closed except for a very short stretch (2.6 km) within Bruck an der Leitha (G4).
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann.

South to East shunt avoiding Absdorf-Hippersdorf under construction (square C2).
North to West shunt avoiding Tulln under construction (C2).
Line Tulln - Sankt Pölten use now the double track of the new Westbahn alignment. Old layout closed, removed from the map (B/C-2).
New connection station installed at Tullnerfeld (C2).
Südbahnhof (Ostbahn) moved South during the construction works of the new station (E3).
Station Maria Lanzendorf added (E4).
Section Kledering - Maria Lanzendorf closed to passenger traffic during the construction works of the new Südbahnhof (E4).
Section Erzherzog-Karl-Straße - Hausfeldstraße only partially double-tracked (E3).
Line Gramatneuseidl - Wampersdorf closed to passenger traffic (E-4/5).
Thanks to Peter Lehnhart.

New high speed line St Pölten - Wien under construction (A/B/C/D-2/3).
Line Wulkaprodersdorf - Eisenstadt - Neusiedl am See electrified (E/F/G-5/6)
Thanks to Stefan Baumgartner and Hans Hagmann.

Wulkaprodersdorf - Eisenstadt under electrification under 25 kV 50 Hz instead of 15 kV 16,7 Hz (square E6).
Thanks to "Austriacus"

Grossschweinbarth renamed Groß Schweinbarth (F1).
Süssenbrunn renamed Süßenbrunn (E2).
South to East Northern curve added in Süßenbrunn (E2).
Jedlesdorf renamed Jedlersdorf (E3).
Hausfeldstrasse renamed Hausfeldstraße (E3).
Connection of the Westbahn and Südbahn lines South-West of Meidling corrected (D3).
Line Neusiedl am See - Wulkaprodersdorf (squares E/F/G-5/6) not under electrification, works will begin in Spring 2009.
Single track line Zohor (-Rohoznik) closed to passenger traffic (H-1/2).
Station Wien Leopoldau added (E-2/3)
Station Wolkersdorf added (E2).
Section Wien Leopoldau - Wolkersdorf double tracked (E-2/3).
Wien Nord renamed Wien Praterstern (E3).
Erzherzog-Karl-Straße - Hausfeldstraße double tracked (E3).
Freight only line Wien Kaiserebersdorf - Freudenau Hafen opened (E3).
Freight only tracks East of Wien Leising removed (closed) (D4).
Station Flughafen Wien-Schwechat renamed Flughafen Wien (E4).
Station Müllendorf added (E6).
Projected Wulkaprodersdorf avoiding line from Müllendorf added (E6).
Thanks to Peter Lehnhart.
Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map.

Line Neusiedl am See - Wulkaprodersdorf under electrification.
Thanks to Jan Zarnikov

Devinske Jazero name corrected to Devínske Jazero.
Devinske Nova Ves name corrected to Devínske Nová Ves.
Line Bratislava Predmestie - Bratislava Filiálka freight only.
Station Lama? added (Bratislava suburbs).
Station Bratislava Predmestie added.
Line Devínske Jazero - Stupava removed (no traffic).
Line Marchegg - Devínske Nová Ves under electrification in 25 kV 50 Hz.
Planned line Bratislava Predmestie - Lama? added.
Planned double track Bratislava Predmestie - Bratislava Filiálka added.
Planned line Bratislava Filiálka - Bratislava Petr¸alka added.
Line Bratislava Petr¸alka - Kittsee - Parndorf under doubling.
Planned line Wolfsthal - Bratislava Petr¸alka added.
Danube bank line sees tourist trains in Vienna.
Thanks to Addams and Vojt?ch ?íha.

Town Ernstbrunn added (north of Korneuburg).
Line Korneuburg - Ernstbrunn reopened for heritage trains.
Station Sulz-Nexing renamed Sulz Museumsdorf.
Line Hohenruppersdorf - Sulz Museumsdorf sees regular passenger traffic.
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann.

Tourist line Bad Pirawarth - Gaweinstal closed.
Freight only line heading north from Korneuburg closed.
Thanks to Bernhard Gepp.

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