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English version

map of Scandinavian peninsulas network
Karta över
Skandinaviska nätet

Download current version:
English version (~116kB, 30.10.11)
Svensk version (~116kB, 30.10.11)
Danish version (~116kB, 30.10.11)

Feel free to use this map for non-commercial purposes, but please send a short notice. Thank you.

Thanks to:
Arne Herrmann, Leif-Harald Ruud, Morten Pelle Korsmo, Robert Kunst, Ulf Bakke, Peter Faber, Anders Norén, Maarten Batenburg and Anders Hultman

Umea - Örnsköldsvik section of new Botniabanan opened to traffic (F-6/7).
Örnsköldsvik - Nyland section of new Botniabanan opened to freight traffic only (E/F-7).
Town Furudal added (D8).
Section Furudal - Bollnäs closed to all traffic, removed from the map (D/E-8).
Line Ställdalen - Nykroppa - Kristinehamn closed to passneger traffic (D-9/10).
Narrow gauge line Hultsfred - Aseda rail cycle only, removed from the map (E11)
Town Allingabro added (B12)
Line Randers - Allingabro heritage railway (B12).

Line (Roskilde) - Lejre - Vipperød - (Holbaek) double track planned (square C12).
(Lunderskov) - Vamdrup - Vojens double track planned (B13).
Town Horehoved added (C13).
Horehoved - Nykøbing F - Rødby double track planned (C13).
Nykøbing F - Gedser closed to traffic, removed from the map (C13).
Town Puttgarden added (Germany), (C13).
Link Rødby - Puttgarden projected (C13).
New line Kalix - Haparanda under construction (G5).
Line Ockelbo - Storvik closed to passenger traffic (E9).
Line Kristinehamn - Nykroppa under electrification (D-9/10).
Section Mjölby - Motala under doubling (D10).
Line Frövi - Arboga closed to passenger traffic (E10).
Section Västerhänninge - Tungelsta double track planned (F10).
Towns Bohus and Älvängen added (C11).
Section Bohus - Älvängen double tracked (C11).
Remaining parts of line Göteborg - Öxnered under doubling (C-10/11).
Section Torebo - Heberg double-tracked (C-11/12).
Årstop - Kattarp sees some passenger trains (C/D-12).
Kirkenes line reopened to freight traffic (H1).
Stavanger - Sandnes double-tracked (A10).
Towns Holm and Nykirke added (C10).
Section Holm - Nykirke double track planned (C10).
Short section Barkåker - Tønsberg under doubling (C10).
town Farriseidet added (B10).
Section Farriseidet - Porsgrunn double track planned (B10).
Thanks to Lars Guski.

Section Örnsköldsvik-Husum of the "Botniabanan" opened to freight traffic (Square F7)
Thanks to Miikka Granlund
Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map.

Corrections of the legend on Danish version.
København - Frederikssund double track.
Harrträsk and Aitik places added (south of Gällivare).
Line Harrträsk - Aitik under construction.
Haparanda - Tornio (Finland) is mixed gauge.
Town Husum added, between Ornsköldsvik and Umeå.
Husum branch on "Botniabanan" new line added.
Kristinehamn - Hornkullen - Ställdalen with passenger traffic.
Line Hallsberg - Mjölby planned for double track.
Short double tracked section between Trollhätan and Alvhem (Flunbo -Nygård).
Section Torebro - Heberg of Göteborg - Helsingborg under doubling.
Halmstad South-East section of Göteborg - Helsingborg double tracked.
Kirkenes line removed (closed).
Eidsvoll - Hamar double track planned.
Roa - Hønefoss closed to passenger traffic.
Town Sandvika added.
Planned line Sandvika - Hønefoss added.
Town Rollag added.
Rollag - Rødberg removed (closed).
Town Rakkestad added South-East of Oslo.
Mysen - Rakkestad open to passenger traffic.
Town Kragerø added.
Nesvatn - Kragerø still has some freight traffic.
Stavanger - Sandness under doubling.
Town Sandness added.
Town Arna added.
Bergen - Arna double track planned.
Garnes station relocated.
Town Skoppum removed.
Town Tønsberg added.
Section Tønsberg - (Barkåker) double track planned.
Thanks to Lars Guski

Line Boden - Kalix under electrification.
Town Trollhättan added.
Line Oxnered - Trollhättan double tracked.
Line Lekarekulle - Frillesås double tracked.
All the remaining sections single tracked of the line Göteborg - Helsingborg are planned to be double tracked.
Town Sveg added.
Line Brunflo - Sveg reopened to regular passenger traffic.
Short double tracked section on the line Arboga - Kolbäck.
Line Uppsala - Samnan double tracked.
Line Kil - Daglösen - Ställdalen closed to passenger traffic.
Line Kristinehamn - Persberg closed to passenger traffic.
Line Frövi - Arboga closed to passenger traffic.
Line Skövde - Tibro removed (closed).
Line Berga - Oskarshamn closed to passenger traffic.
Line Eslöv - Teckomatorp closed to passenger traffic.
Line Grong - Namsos removed (closed).
Line Eina - Aurdal removed (closed).
Line Hønefoss - Randsfjord removed (closed).
Line Skoppum - Horten removed (closed).
Line Nesvatn - Kragerø removed (closed).
Line Sira - Flekkefjord removed (closed).
Town Dal added.
Line Dal - Eidsvoll closed to passenger traffic.
Line Gardermoen - Eidsvoll single tracked.
Double tracked section on line Drammen - Porsgrunn
Town Mysen added.
Line Mysen - Sarpsborg closed to passenger traffic.
Double tracked section on Moss - Fredrikstad.
Line Ballerup - Frederikssund double tracked.
Line Rødekro - Åbenrå removed (closed).
Line Tinglev - Tønder removed (closed).
Line Nørre Nebel - Nymindegab removed (closed).
Line Høng - Gørlev removed (closed).
Thanks to Lars Guski
Line Tommerup - Assens closed.
Line Vojens - Haderslev closed
Thanks to Alexis Garnier.

Line Kristianstad - Karlskrona reopened and electrified.
Thanks to Anders Hultman.

Line Ljusdal - Hudiksvall removed (closed).
Adding of Lomsmyren south of Mora and Dalasågen north of Vansbro, removal of the line between Lomsmyren and Dalasågen (closed).
Line Malung - Malungsfors removed (closed).
Line Vansbro - Persberg removed (closed).
Line Mellerud - Bengtsfors converted to tourist railway.
Adding of Bofors, line Nora - Bofors tourist railway.
Line Folkesta - Rekarne redrawn as single track (mistake correction).
Lines Degerfors - Gullspång - Torved and Gullspång - Otterbäcken removed (closed).
Adding of Tibro east of Skövde, line Tibro - Karlsborg removed (closed).
Adding of Smålands Burseryd north of Landeryd, line Limmared - Smålands Burseryd removed (closed).
Line Vetlanda - Åseda removed (closed).
Narrow gauge line Hultsfred - Åseda added (tourist railway).
Thanks to Anders Hultman.

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