Railways through Europe maps and interoperabilty
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map of Israel

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This map was drawn by Joseph Redford. Feel free to use this map for non-commercial purposes, but please send a short notice. Thank you.


No railways in Palestine, so no point in including it.

Map renamed Israel map

Acre renamed Akko

Line from area just south of Akko to Nahariya is single tracked instead of double tracked

Added station Binyamina

Kfar Sava renamed Kfar Saba

Added station Petah Tikva

Line from Petah Tikva to Kfar Saba is double-tracked

Northbound freight-only chord added on junction between Kfar Saba line and main line

Kfar Saba branch re-drawn

Rishon le Tsiyon branch redrawn and moved south

Modiin branch double-tracked for it's entire length

Line from Modiin branch to Lod open to passenger traffic

Line from Lod to Rehovot is double-tracked

Line from Ashdod to Ashkelon is double-tracked

Ashkelon Harbour renamed Ashkelon port

Junction with Kiryat Gat slightly to the south of Kiryat Gat station

Jerusalem branch line re-drawn

Split in line south of Kiryat Gat not as wide as previously thought

Ramat Hovev is the name of the terminus to the freight line south of Beer'Sheva, not Abu Affash

Line East of Beersheba North Double-tracked for a short distance

Freight Line starts slightly west of Dimona station

Tsafit Junction renamed Tsafit

All Freight Lines east of Tsafit removed (They are actually conveyor belts)

Tsin Industries renamed Tsin Factories

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