Railways through Europe maps and interoperabilty
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map of Hungarian network

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This map was drawn by Vincze Béla György. Feel free to use this map for non-commercial purposes, but please send a short notice. Thank you.

Szombathely - Körmend - Szentgotthárd electrified (A4)
Godisa - Komló reopened for passenger traffic (D6)
Börgönd - Sárbogárd reopened for passenger traffic (D4)
Almásfüzito" - Esztergom reopened for passenger traffic (D3-E3)
Abaújszántó - Hidasnémeti reopened for passenger traffic (H1-H2)
Kocsord alsó - Csenger reopened for passenger traffic (J2)
Fehérgyarmat - Zajta reopened for passenger traffic (J2)
Gemenc - Bárányfok narrow gauge line now without traffic

line Boba-Ukk-Zalaegerszeg electrified (B4)
line Zalaegerszeg - Orihódos electrified (A4-B4) (note that the cantenary is complete on the Hungarian side, but ends right at the border, so there is no electric traction from/to Slovenia.)
triangular junction of Zalaegerszeg electrified (B4)
triangular junction of Boba in service and electrified (B4)

Projected double track sections between Budapest and Esztergom (E3, works start in 2011)
Narrow gauge tourist line of the Hortobágy National Park included (H3)
Komárom-Székesfehérvár reopened for passenger traffic (D3-D4)
Csorna-Pápa reopened for passenger traffic (B3-C3)
Lajosmizse-Kecskemét reopened for passenger traffic (F4)
Karcag-Tiszafüred reopened for passenger traffic (G3-H3)

Szombathely-Körmend-Szentgotthárd under electrification (A4-B4)
Nagylapos-Gyoma double tracked (G4)
Narrow gauge tourist line Lajosháza-Szalajkaház built (F2)
New standard gauge tourist line in Szentendre skanzen (E3)

Line closures:
Körmend-Zalalövo no traffic (A4-B4)
Balatonkeresztúr-Somogyszob freight only / without traffic (C5)
Pécs-Pécsvárad (D6) freight only / without traffic (C5)
Komárom-Székesfehérvár (D3-D4) freight only
Börgönd-Sárbogárd (D4) freight only
Mezofalva-Paks (E4-E5) freight only
Godisa-Komló (D6) freight only
Vácrátót-Galgamácsa freight only (E3)
Almásfüzito-Esztergom Kertváros (D2-D3) freight only
Border crossing Bánráve-Lenartovce freight only (G1)
Kisszénás-Kondoros no traffic (G4)
Vészto-Körösnagyharsány no traffic (H4-i4)
Hódmezovásárhely-Makó (G5-G6) freight only
Kecskemét narrow gauge network without traffic (E4-F4-E5-F5)
Nyíregyháza narrow gauge network without traffic (H1-H2-I1-I2)
Putnok-Szilvásvárad without traffic (G1-G2)
Abaújszántó-Hidasnémeti without traffic (H1)
Sáránd-Létavértes without traffic (I3)
Fehérgyarmat-Zajta without traffic (J2)
Kocsord-Csenger without traffic (J2)
Tiszafüred-Karcag freight only (G3)
Tiszalök-Ohat-Pusztakócs freight only (H2-H3)

- Electrification works started between Boba and Ukk (C4)
- Building of triangular junction at Boba started (C4)
- Zalalövo-Zalaegerszeg new line in operation, old route ceased (B4)
- No passenger trains between Komárom and Komárno (D3)

- Corrected projected second track between Kelenföld and Tárnok (E3)
- some minor corrections

- Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map
- Projected second track between Békéscsaba and border to Romania (H5)
- Gyorszentiván-Gönyu port freight only line ready (C3)
- Narrow gauge line of Kemence extended to Feketevölgy (E2)
- Narrow gauge line of Pécs reintroduced (D6)
- Kaba-Nádudvar freight only line included (H3)

- Rebuilt narrow gauge tourist line Szob-Márianosztra is now in operation
- Rebuilding works of narrow gauge tourist line Lajosháza-Szalajkaház started
- Rebuilding works of narrow gauge tourist line Feketvölgy-Pityur rétje started (line section will be opened in this year)
- Line Zalaegerszeg-Zalaszentiván under electrification
- New freight only line under construction between Gyorszentiván and Gönyu port
- Projected second track on line no. 30 (north of Tárnok, will be built between 2009-2012)

- Tiszatenyo-Csugar second track ready (more sections will follow)
- upcoming electrification: Hodos-Ukk (Ukk-Boba seems to be delayed)
- projected narrow gauge line Márianosztra-Nagyírtáspuszta
- Recently closed branchlines without traffic and freight only are now included

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