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map of Barcelona area
Mapa del área de Barcelona
Mapa del area de Barcelona

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Thanks to:
Amadeu Parera, Victor Casta, Manuel Z.C., Yuri Popov and Lluis

High speed line (Girona) - Mollet Sant Fost opened for freight traffic only (squares I/M-3/6)
Sections Mollet Sant Fost - Santa Perpetua de Mogoda - El Papiol - Barcelona Can Tunis - Barcelona Morrot equiped as mixed gauge 1668 + 1435 mm.
Thanks to Lluis.

FGC narrow gauge line Martorell Enllaç - Olesa double tracked (squares E/F-5/6)
Bareclona port area modified: Llobregat mouth moved to the South, new harbour walls (I9).
Thanks to Gabriel Pico.
Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map.

Layout of the projected high speed line Barcelona Sants - Mollet Sant Fost (- Figueres) added.
Santa Perpètua de Mogoda - Mollet Sant Fost freight only line under doubling.
FGC standard gauge planned line Sabadell Estació - Sabadell Rambla - Castellar des Vallès added.
FGC narrow gauge line Martorell Enllaç - Olesa under doubling.
Projected airport line added.
Freight only West to South curve L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Can Tunis removed.
Can Tunis access lines modified.
Thanks to Gabriel Pico.

Freight only narrow gauge branch to SEAT factory from Martorell.
FGC narrow gauge line Barcelona Espanya - Martorell Enllaç totally double tracked.
Thanks to Gabriel Pico.

Completion of LAV Madrid - Barcelona Sants.

Adding of "LAV" along the high speed lines.
Thanks to Yuri Popov.

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