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Content is mostly outdated and page is not updated anymore.
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English version

map of Austria
Karte von Österreich

Download current version:
English version (~47kB, 31.3.12)
Deutsche Version (~47kB, 31.3.12)

Feel free to use this map for non-commercial purposes, but please send a short notice. Thank you.

Thanks to:
Georg Ringler, Hans Goebl, Christoph Münzing, Roman Tuder, Branko Simic, Michael Suda, Jakob, Stephan Weinberger, Roland Bründlinger, Frank Ziegler, Helmut Uttenthaler, Andreas Pavlik, Wolfgang Faber, Bernhard Mecl, Florian Schwarz, Michael Katai, Peter Lehnhart and many more...

Line Lamprechthausen - Waldmoos closed, removed from the map (square D2).
Line Lambach - Haag closed, removed from the map (D2)
Line Zwettl - Martinsberg have no more tourist trains, removed from the map (F2)
Section Krems - Emmersdorf have tourist trains only (F2).
Town Bad Pirawarth added (square G2).
Section Bad Pirawarth - Hohenruppersdorf - Sulz closed, removed from the map (G2).
Narrow gauge branch line to Ruprechtshofen closed, removed from the map (F2).
Town Schrambach added (F2).
Section Schrambach - Markt St Aegyd closed, removed from the map (F-2/3).
Line Friedberg - Oberwart closed to passenger traffic, removed from the map (F/G-3).
Town Schwarzenberg added (A3).
Tourist railway Bezau - Bersbuch shortened to Schwarzenberg (A3).
Town Oberschützen added (G3).
Tourist trains on line Oberwart - Oberschützen (G3).
Towns Großpetersdorf and Hannersdorf added (G3).
Town Rechnitz removed from the map (G3).
Tourist trains limited on the section Großpetersdorf - Hannersdorf of line Oberwart - Rechnitz (G3).
Projected line Oberwart - Szombathely removed from the map (G3).
Town Bad St Leonhard added (E4).
Section Zeltweg - Bad St Leonhard closed to passenger traffic, removed from the map (E-3/4).
Section Graz - Werndorf of the new Koralmbahn line only projected, not yet opened (F4).
Section Werndorf to Wettmanstätten of the new Koralmbahn line single tracked (F4).
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann

Lines Schwarzenau - Waidhofen an der Thaya and Schwarzenau - Zwettl closed, removed from the map (F-1/2).
Town Scheibbs added (F2).
Section Scheibbs - Kienberg-Gaming closed, removed from the map (F2).
Section Werndorf - Wettmannstätten of the new Koralmbahn opened but not electrified yet (F4).
Thanks to Peter Lenhart and Stefan Baumgartner.

Line from Gmünd (ÖBB) toward Ceske Velenice and Ceske Budejovice (CD) electrified (25 kV 50 Hz). (Square E1).
Towns Sarmingstein (E2) and Emmersdorf (F2) added.
Section Sarmingstein - Emmersdorf closed, removed from the map (E/F-2).
Line (Lambach) - Neukirchen - Haag closed to passenger traffic (D/E-2).
Section (Wien) - Süßenbrunn - Wolkersdorf - (Laa and der Thaya) double-tracked (G2).
Town Gstadt added (E2).
Narrow gauge sections Gstadt - Ybssitz and Gstadt - Lunz am See closed, removed from the map (E-2/3).
Town Wörschach added (E3).
Section Stainach-Irdning - Wörschach double-tracked (E3).
Old line Leoben - St Michael - (Knittelfeld) closed. Removed from the map (F3).
Narrow gauge section Mittersill - Krimml reopened (C3).
Section Kolbnitz - Pusarnitz double-tracked on Tauernbahn Südrampe (D4).
Towns Lebring and Leibnitz added (F4).
Section (Graz) -Lebring - Leibnitz - (Spilfeld-Strass) double-tracked (F4).
Thanks to Helmut, Derek Housley, Peter Lenhart.

Line from Gmünd (ÖBB) toward Ceske Velenice (CD) under electrification (25 kV 50 Hz). (Square E1).
Line from Satov (CD) toward Znojmo (CD) electrified with 15 kV 16,7 Hz. (F1).
Town Wartberg an der Krems added (E2).
7 km stretch double-traked south of Wartberg an der Krems (E2).
New high speed line St Pölten - Wien under construction (F/G-2).
Line (Bruck and der Leitha) - Parndorf - Bratislava Petrzalka under doubling (G2).
Line Wulkaprodersdorf - Eisenstadt - Neusiedl am See electrified (G-2/3)
New high speed line (Innsbruck) - Baumkirchen - Wörgl under construction in parallel to the actual line (C3)
Town Neckenmarkt added (G3).
Line Deutschkreutz - Neckenmarkt-Horitschon opened to passenger traffic (G3).
New high speed line Graz - Klagenfurt under construction (E/F-4)
Thanks to Stefan Baumgartner, Gerald Pribitzer, Hans Hagmann and Markus Griesser.

Wulkaprodersdorf - Eisenstadt under electrification under 25 kV 50 Hz instead of 15 kV 16,7 Hz (square G3).
Thanks to "Austriacus"
Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map.

Kolbnitz - Pusarnitz under doubling.
Villach Western bypass freight only.
Bruck and der Mur Southern bypass added.
New layout of the Semerring projected new line.
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann and Ulf Fischer.

Passenger traffic on the line Traun (South of Linz) - Wels.
Thanks to Fabian Lehner.

Narrow gauge line Mittersill - Krimml under reconstruction.
Planned line Innsbruck - Fortezza (Italy) added (Brenner base tunnel).
New stretches planned on the line Innsbruck - Wörgl.
New Semmering line planned in Mürzzuschlag area.
Town Trofaiach added (North-West of Leoben).
Line Trofaiach - Vordernberg closed.
Thanks to Fabian Lehner.

Line Neusiedl am See - Wulkaprodersdorf under electrification.
Thanks to Jan Zarnikov.

Town Ernstbrunn added (South of Laa/Thaya).
Line (Korneuburg) - Ernstbrunn reopened for heritage trains.
Line Hohenruppersdorf - Sulz sees regular passenger traffic.
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann.

Mistelbach – Laa an der Thaya opened to electric haulage.
Tourist line to Gaweinstal closed.
Thanks to Bernhard Gepp.

Adding of town Mittersill (West of Zell am See).
Narrow gauge line Mittersill - Krimml removed (still closed since the 2005 floodings).
Thanks to Thorsten Büker.

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