Railways through Europe maps and interoperabilty
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map of Aachen area

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Thanks to:
Stefan von der Ruhren, Alan Reekie, Christoph Schmitz, Jean-Louis Couvreur

Station Alsdorf Postraße added (square C2).
Line Herzogenrath - Alsdorf Postraße reopened to passenger traffic (C2).
Town Langerwehe added (D3).
Line Stolberg - (Weisweiler) extended to Langerwehe (D3).
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann.

Freight only line toward Genk Goederen electrified (square A2).
Short double track freight only branch from Genk Goederen area under electrification.
Thanks to "Ron" from Genk
Letters/Numbers grid added on the side of the map.

Freight line from Jülich to Kirchberg out of use
Montzen - Aachen-West electrified
New line from Weisweiler to Langerwehe under construction
Freight line from Stolberg to Würselen out of use
Freight line from Baal to Ratheim out of use
Line to Stolberg Altstadt has to be prolonged to Stolberg, Awanst Zur Mühlen (freight only)
Thanks to Alexander Kirfel

Adding of stations Geelen-Lutterade and Stein south of Sittard (Netherlands).
Adding of freight only line Geelen-Lutterade - Stein.
Adding of station Alsdorf Annapark (Germany).
Line Herzogenrath - Annadorf Annapark reopened.
Adding of station Raeren (Belgium).
Adding of freight only line Eupen - Raeren.
Maastricht - Lanaken under reconstruction.
Scale added.
Thanks to Ruud Schepers.

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