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Content is mostly outdated and page is not updated anymore.
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The bigger part of the following locations is shown on the map above:

Frankfurt (Oder), Frankfurt (Oder)

Kreisfreie Stadt Frankfurt (Oder)
railway map/Eisenbahnkarte

Download current version:
English version (~52kB, 31.3.12)
Deutsche Version (~48kB, 31.3.12)

Feel free to use this map of Kreisfreie Stadt Frankfurt (Oder) for non-commercial purposes, but please send a short notice. Thank you.

Thanks to:
Markus Hoffmann, Kay-Peter Scholz, Sören Wollschläger, Kai Garlipp, Mathias Hiller, Gordon Charles, Nicolas Jost and Marco Weber

Section Golm - Saarmund of the Berlin ring have passenger traffic (squares B/C-5).
Thanks to Reinold Seidelmann.

New Schönefeld Airport line under construction (Squares E/F-5).
Letters/numbers grid added along the map.
Dresdner Bahn: Berlin Südkreuz - Kreuz Blankenfelde still under planning, not under construction (E-4/5).
Thanks to Stefan Baumgartner.

Stations Berlin Friedrichshagen, Alt Rüdersdorf, Berlin Rahnsdorf, Woltersdorf Schleuse added.
Schöneiche-Rüdersdorfer Straßenbahn Berlin Friedrichshagen - Alt Rüdersdorf added.
Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn Berlin Rahnsdorf - Woltersdorf Schleuse added.
Thanks to Joseph Redford.

Wensickendorf - Zehlendorf closed.
Thanks to Marco Weber.

Map extended to the east to show the Buckower Kleinbahn tourist railway.

Main line branch west of Lichtenberg (Gesundbrunnen - Lichtenberg) reopened.
Main line Grünauer Kreuz (crossing of the line Schöneweide - Königs Wusterhausen and the outer ring) - Schöneweide open to passenger traffic (not electrified).
Thanks to Marco Weber.

Line Wensickendorf - Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg added (reopened).
Thanks to Marco Weber.

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