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Please note, Boris Chomenko is actually unable to correct the railway maps of his own. We are sorry for this situation and hope to restart the updates from Summer 2010.
«The railway network of a country is something very interesting. Part of the history of the country is below the layout of the lines. It also indicates the main busy areas or the more quiet ones. A lot can be discovered by knowing the network of a country.
Understanding of those networks needs maps. It is sometimes hard to find maps of railway networks for railfans, showing double tracks and electrified lines. That is why I decided to draw mine for some countries.
Since, little by little and whith a help from some other railfans who took charge of some countries, we reached a quite complete covering of Europe.
For sure it is impossible for one man to know everything perfectly about so huge subjects (consider that every years, some lines are closed, some opens, some are electrified...)
Fortunately we are not alone here below. A lot of other railfans helped me (directly or not) to improve those maps. I want to give them a great thank you.»

Boris Chomenko

A list of recently updated maps is available in the » news section.

Countries outside Europe (ordered from west to east)
Mozambique and Malawi
Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya
Saudi-Arabia and Jordan
Georgia and Abkhazia
Kazakhs., Uzbekis., Kyrgyzs., Tajiks.
Sri Lanka
Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
China and Taiwan

Stockholm area Øresund area Beograd area Zagreb area Sopfia area Sopfia area Hamburg area Berlin area Rhein-Ruhr area Main-Neckar area Aachen area Milano area Roma area Napoli area Lille area Paris area Lyon area Glasgow-Edinburgh area Central England London area Barcelona area Madrid area Lisbon area Lisbon area Bratislava area Vienna area Skopje area Belarus Benelux Switzerland Slovakia Czech Republic Hungary Austria Bulgaria Albania and Macedonia Serbia and Montenegro Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Hercegovina Germany Italy France British Isles Iberian peninsula Scandinavian peninsulas Finland Poland Baltic states Romania Ukraine and Moldavia Greece Turkey overview of provided maps

In the beginning he offered his "absolute accurate" map of France, meanwhile Boris has drawn more than a dozen of further maps enriching this website. Merci bien á Chantes for your support and the nice cooperation!
Thanks go also out to Vincze Béla György, Jan Pavel Bek and Martin Zedník for providing even further maps.

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