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Links of the month

Besode the 250 external links spread all over the homepage, I'd like to present some sites, which I just discovered for the first time or which I visit regularly.
Your suggestions and remarks on further addresses or broken links are always welcome.
Moresnet viaduct

current link of the month
November 2008:
UK rail/train maps

previous links of the month
September 2007:
RAIL21 - Le réseau ferré français

July 2007:
Swiss train map

May 2007:
Fotos abseits der Hauptstrecken

April 2007:
Network statements at railneteurope.com

February 2007:
Railways on Wikipedia

November 2006:
The Man in Seat Sixty-One...

October 2006:
Light Rail Atlas

September 2006:
The Indian Railways Fan Club

August 2006:
The public transport guide

July 2006:

June 2006:
Die Montzenroute

May 2006:
Tour de France

April 2006:
Ligne 24 - Ein starkes Stück deutsch - belgischer Eisenbahn

February 2006:
Lok Report

January 2006:

November 2005:
Cartes ferroviaires

September 2005:
Historical Railway Atlas of Germany

August 2005:
Der eiserne Rhein

July 2005:
The Belgian Railways

June 2005:
Pendolino trains in Europe

May 2005:
Trainspotting Saar

April 2005:

March 2005:
Homepage von Bruno Lämmli

February 2005:
Narrow gauge railways in CH

January 2005:

December 2004:

November 2004:
Trains en voyage

October 2004:
Histoire chronologique des chemins de fer europeens au xix° siecle

September 2004:
Sur les rails d'Europe

August 2004:
Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

July 2004:
Sammlung Werner Consten

June 2004:

May 2004:
Eurosprinter online

April 2004:
Langs de rails

March 2004:
German long-distance trains

February 2004:
36000 x 2 = 72000, les deux séries mythiques

January 2004:
Die schnellsten Züge der Welt

December 2003:
Die Baureihen 145/146/152/182/185/189

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