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border lines Switzerland - Austria

Swiss border lines
Switzerland - France
Switzerland - Italy
Switzerland - Austria
Switzerland - Germany

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map of Swisse network
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 General headnotes
In spite of a similar voltage system (officially 15kV 16.7Hz in Switzerland) specially-equipped stock has to be used for through electric operation, because of the different geometry of the pantographs (catenary "stagger" and vehicle loading gauge).
The contact strip of ÖBB-pantos is too long (1950mm) for the SBB network and on the other hand the short strip of SBB pantos (1450mm) would sometimes lose contact with the wire in Germany or Austria.

 Buchs SG - Feldkirch (electrified)
This line passes Liechtenstein (Schaan, Nendeln).

operator used stock
ÖBB 1044, 1016, 1110
thanks to Tobias B√ľckle
(last update: April 2001)

new freight locos at Buchs
SBB Cargo 482 and ÖBB 1116 at Buchs
©Marc Striffeler
ÖBB 1144 next to Schaan
ÖBB 1144 next to Schaan (FL)
©Marc Striffeler

 St Margarethen - Lustenau Markt [- Bregenz] (electrified)
ÖBB works local trains to St Margrethen. SBB works international trains to/from Lindau, using locomotives fitted with both ÖBB and SBB pantographs.
Since December 2003 Railion works freight-services between Germany and Wolfurth (Austria) via Singen - Konstanz - St. Margrethen, using the Swiss section in open access.

operator used stock
ÖBB 1044, 4020, ???
DB AG 185
thanks to Tobias B√ľckle
(last update: November 2004)

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 border stations

 Aachen HBf




 Basel region

 Hendaye - Irún
 Latour de Carol
 Cerbère - Port Bou



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