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border lines Sweden - Norway

Swedish border lines
Sweden - Denmark
Sweden - Norway
Sweden - Finland

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 [Kiruna- ] Vassijaure - Riksgränsen - Bjørnfjell [- Narvik] (electrified)
OBAS operates charter passenger trains from Narvik. Regular cross-border passenger trains are worked by Veolia Transport until June 2008, when SJ will take over the traffic.
Iron ore trains from Luleå (SE) to Narvik (NO) are worked by "Malmtrafik i Kiruna" and other freight traffic is worked by Green Cargo. Freight trains between Narvik and Oslo run via Sweden as there's no line inside Norway.
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various impressions from Vassijaure - Riksgränsen - Bjørnfjell
© Jakob Ehrensvard

operator used stock
Green Cargo ???
OBAS ???
Connex Rc6
Malmtrafik i Kiruna Dm3 (old), IORE
thanks to Peter Faber and Göran Bæckström
(last update: December 2007)

 [Östersund -] Storlien - Teveldal [- Hell]
Freight-trains by Cargonet are worked to Storlien only.

operator used stock
NSB BM92 ("Nabo-tåget" - "Neighbour-train")
Cargonet ???
thanks to Peter Faber and Göran Bæckström
(last update: December 2004)

class Ma at Storlien
SJ class Ma at Storlien
© Jonas Str√∂mblad
Rb3 1005 at Storlien
SJ class Rb3 at Storlien
© Ulf L Eriksson
still snowy
NSB Di3 at Storlien
SJ RC3 ready to depart from Storlien
Several impressions from Storlien and Meraker in the early nintees.
© Jonas Str√∂mblad

 [Stockholm -] Charlottenberg - Magnor [- Oslo] (electrified)
SJ runs one Sun-Fri and one Mon-Sat intercity train with Rc6 between Oslo and Stockholm. They also run a night train. Merresor (a subsidary of People Travel group, owned by SJ and Veolia Transport) runs, on behalf on Värmlandstrafik (the public owned local traffic company on the Swedish side) two Regina-trains on Mon-Fri between Karlstad and Oslo.
Cross-border freight-train are mainly worked by Green Cargo and a crowing number of private operators.

operator used stock
SJ Rc6
Merresor X53
Green Cargo Rc2, Rc4
Cargonet EL16
thanks to Peter Faber and Göran Bæckström
(last update: December 2007)

 [Göteborg -] Ed - Kornsjø [- Oslo] (electrified)
Similar to Charlottenberg - Magnor services by Linx will be cancelled with the end of 2004. Cross-border trains are mainly worked by NSB and Green Cargo.

operator used stock
Linx X2NK (until 20. December 2004)
Green Cargo Rc2, Rc4
Cargonet EL16
Hector Rail Rc3 (leased from SJ),
EL15 (bought from MTAS, used on Kiruna-Narvik, going to replace Rc3)
thanks to Peter Faber and Göran Bæckström
(last update: December 2004)

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