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border lines Sweden - Finland

Swedish border lines
Sweden - Denmark
Sweden - Norway
Sweden - Finland

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 Haparanda - Tornio/Torneå
Passenger traffic on the 160 km line between Swedish border-station Haparanda and Tornio/Torneå was discontinued in 1992. Due to minor usage of the international section between Morjärv and Haparande the closure of the line was focused in the 90es.
The situation changed as a new transport chain from Mo i Rana (Norway) via Narvik (ferry) and Kiruna to Tornio was established.
SJ Y1 at Tornio
SJ class Y1 at Tornio
Traffic increased again with the adoption of Tornio's steelworks by a Swedish company some years ago. Today coil-trains of 2000 tons regularly run to Boden (Sweden), where to trains are coupled and continue their way worked by Green Cargo.
Still there's talk about traffic (fish) to Russia and even test-runs from Northern America (ferry) to China will use this line. According to rumours the Swedish company LKAB intends to work ore-trains to Oulu (Finland) requiring the extension of broad-/ standard-gauge tracks and electrification of the line.
A single Swedish 1435mm gauge track extends to Tornio and a Finnish 1524mm gauge track to Haparanda. The two lines are interlaced across the border bridge. Standard gauge trains to Tornio mainly convey containers which are transferred to Finnish wagons there.
In 2002 through workings by suitable wagons had been involved in cooperation of Finnish VR, Green Cargo and Nordwaggon. A Gauge-changer of German design "Rafil" was installed at Tornia, a Talgo-type gauge changer at Haparanda. This one was already taken out of use.
Although the condition of the superstructure (and the permitted speed) has been improved, the raising amount of traffic make a complete restoration necessary. Under the title "Nya Haparandabanan" the electrification and rebuilding of the section Morjärv - Haparanda are envisaged by extending the flat stretch to Kalix throught to Haparanda.

operator used stock
Green Cargo T44
VR Dv12, Dr16
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