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border lines Netherlands - Germany

Dutch border lines
Netherlands - Belgium
Netherlands - Germany

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

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border-station Emmerich
border-station Venlo

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 [Groningen -] Nieuweschans - Weener [- Leer] (non-electrified)
Service was temporarily suspended for upgrading the line and was taken up on 15. december 2002 again. Initially border-crossing trains were operated by DB Regio, in autumn 2006 Arriva took over operation of all passenger trains.
Since March 2003 the first regular freight-trains since several decades run via this border crossing, as ACTS started a garbage-service between Groningen and Bremen, operated by NWC on the German part.

operator used stock
Arriva GTW
ACTS W232.03 (ex DB 242 005, equipped with Telerail only, owned by Uwe Adam),
class 66 (hired from Shortlines or DLC)
Railion 6400 (freight-service between Onnen, NL, and Leer, D)
thanks to J.P.A. Kok, Georg Ringler, Martijn Coenen and Pieter Bosch
(last update: October 2007)

Arriva GWT at Leer
Arriva GWT at Nieuweschans
Arriva GWT passing the Ems
Several impressions of Arriva cross-border services between Groningen and Leer.
©2007 Daniel Wipf

 Coevorden - Laarwald [- Bad Bentheim] (non-electrified)
The Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG owns and operates this freight line.

operator used stock
BE-AG Ex DB-V100 (class 212), Mak locos
(last update: Februar 2003)

 [Hengelo -] Oldenzaal - Bad Bentheim (electrified)
NS hauls passenger services to Bad Bentheim, where various tracks have switchable catenary, single-voltage locos are beeing used. Private operator ACTS runs several freight-trains.

operator used stock (all as far as Bad Bentheim only)
NS Int NS Int: 17, 18
Railion NL 16, 64/65
ACTS 125x, 670x, (permission for 62xx cancelled),
class 66 (hired from Shortlines or DLC)
DB 101
Railion D 140, 152, 155
SNCB 77 (Gent ZH to Bad Bentheim and vv via Roosendaal)
thanks to Roland Korving, Georg Ringler, Alan Reekie
(last update: January 2005)

loco change at Bad Bentheim
loco change at Bad Bentheim
loco change at Bad Bentheim
loco change at Bad Bentheim
Two changes of locos at Bad Bentheim in August 1977
© Langs de rails

NS 1315 at Bad Bentheim
NS 1315 has been attached to D2043 at Bad Bentheim on 15. August 1987.
© Johannes Picht

 Enschede - Gronau (Westf) (non-electrified)
This railway re-opened for advertised passenger traffic on 16. November 2001. As there is no through running connection between this line and the NS network at Enschede, no freight traffic is possible.

operator used stock
DB AG 643 (services Enschede - Gronau - Münster/W.)
PEG 643 (services Enschede - Gronau - Dortmund)
thanks to Pieter Bosch
(last update: January 2006)

 Arnhem - Emmerich (electrified)
NS worked passenger services to » Emmerich, where various tracks have switchable catenary. With introduction of coasting through "ICE International"-services almost all passenger trains have been discontinued.
The extension of a regional service operated by NS from Arnhem to Emmerich was announced in 2002 but hasn't been realised yet.

operator used stock
NS Int 406 (ICE 3-M),
16, 17 (as far as Emmerich only)
Syntus 21 ("LINT 41", four daily return-services Arnhem - Emmerich on weekends)
Railion NL 16 (as far as Emmerich only),
64/65 (to Ruhr area)
DB 406 (ICE 3-M),
110, 146, 425/426 (as far as Emmerich only)
Railion D Almost all classes (as far as Emmerich only)
189 (to Rotterdam via Betuwe line)
HGK DE 11-13 (MaK DE1024), DE 61-67, DE 81-86 (MaK DE1002), DE 71-76 (MaK DE1002, no ATB, as second loco) to Rotterdam
Rail4Chem PB 01, 02 and 17
thanks to Roland Korving, Georg Ringler, Andreas Nessel, Ulf Kutzner and Thomas Stenzel
(last update: January 2008)

 Venlo - Kaldenkirchen [- Mönchengladbach] (electrified)
DB works passenger services to » Venlo, whereas only occasional trains still run through. Switchable tracks are used by single-voltage locos in the passenger-section, the freight-section is divided into two parts.

operator used stock
NS Int 17, 18 (as far as Venlo only)
Railion NL 64xx/65xx (as far as Venlo only)
DB 110, 111 (as far as Venlo only)
Railion D 140, 145, 150, 151, 152, 155, 185, 189, 290 (as far as Venlo only)
DLC PB 03, 12, 14
Rail4Chem PB 05
ERS class 66 to Rotterdam
HGK various diesels to Rotterdam
thanks to Roland Korving, Andreas Nessel (last update: April 2004)

 [Mönchengladbach -] Dalheim - Roermond (non-electrified)
The railway between Antwerp and the Ruhr via Neerpelt (B), Weert (NS), Roermond (NS) and Dalheim (DB), is popularly known as the "Iron Rhine" because it potentially offers an alternative route for freight traffic to that via this major waterway. However, since 1991 no traffic has routinely flowed across the two borders along this route, notably because the sections concerned need renovation, and Belgium and the Netherlands disagreed about what work was needed and how to share the cost of doing it.
Under the provisions of Art. XII of the 1839 "Scheidingsverdrag" the Permanent Arbitrage Court was asked to settle the matter, and on 24 May 2005 the Belgian Prime Minister stated that the Belgian and Netherlands governments intended to discuss how to implement the ruling issued under its auspices. According to a news item in Le Soir of 17 June 2005, the SNCB hopes that the Iron Rhine can be reopened shortly; for this purpose it has already equipped diesel locos 5507, 5517, 5523, 5526, 5533 and 7771-7790 with in-cab signal repeating equipment of the types used by DB and NS.
Details of the work now in course on renovating the line are given (in Dutch) on Project IJzeren Rijn; the western section Neerpelt - Weert is due to reopen on 1 Oct. 2005, and it is expected that some or all DLC's Antwerp - Born - Duisburg trains will then be re-routed to use it instead of running via Roosendaal.

 [Heerlen -] Landgraaf - Herzogenrath [- Aachen] (non-electrified)
Until summer 2001 NS worked trains to Aachen Hbf; since then, Euregiobahn (branch of DB Regionalbahn Rheinland) operates the Heerlen - Aachen (- Stolberg) services. This crossing replaced the line Aachen West - Simpelveld [- Maastricht] on 31. May 1992 (see below).

operator used stock
NS Int 64/65 hauling IRM-trainsets to Herzogenrath (EMUs are rebuilt at Bombardier / Aachen)
DB 643.2
Rail4Chem PB 05
thanks to Roland Korving, Andreas Nessel
(last update: January 2005)

Thalys passes DD-IRM
Thalys trainsets enters Aachen, while a DD-IRM is on its way to the Netherlands
©Christoph Schmitz
Early service to Heerlen
A DMU of class 644 passes Eygelshoven on its way towards Landgraf and Heerlen.

 [Schin op Geul -] - Simpelveld - Vetschau (non-electrified)
This is part of the line used by passenger trains between Aachen and Maastricht until they were diverted to run to Heerlen via Herzogenrath. The junction north of Aachen West has been removed.
Zuid-Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij now runs tourist steam trains between Schin op Geul and Kerkrade via Simpelveld. A branch service from Simpelveld over the border to Vetschau operates since summer 2001.

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