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border lines Luxembourg - Germany

Luxembourgian border lines
Luxembourg - Belgium
Luxembourg - Germany
Luxembourg - France

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

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 Wasserbillig - Igel [- Trier] (electrified)
Voltage crossing is located on the bridge traversing the river Sauer. Long distance trains are worked to and from Luxembourg by DB dual-voltage electric locomotives. Local trains between Trier and Luxembourg are operated by class 628 diesel units, two of which have been transferred from DB to CFL ownership, though still maintained at Trier.
In summer 2003 CFL ordered a bunch of 20 dual-voltage locomotives derived from DB class 185.1 (numbered as class 4000), which are delivered since 2004.

Reaching Luxembourg
ME26 crosses the
river Sauer
© Frank Bachmann
Pantos down
CFL 4013 arrives
at Luxembourg
© Jean-Marie Ottel√©
Reaching Luxembourg
DB 181 222 meets
unkown 628.4
© Frank Bachmann
DB 216 079 at Wasserbillig
DB class 216
at Wasserbillig
© Nico Spilt

operator used stock
CFL 628.4 (also used for inner-German services)

185.1 hired from Angel Trains Cargo
G1700, V100 (both hired) in cooperation with German subsidary ELC

hired ME26 have been transferred back to Siemens Dispolok
DB 181.2, 215, 628.4
Railion 181.0, 181.2, 225

class 184 withdrawn
(last update: December 2004)

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