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border lines Luxembourg - France

Luxembourgian border lines
Luxembourg - Belgium
Luxembourg - Germany
Luxembourg - France

French border lines (incomplete)
France - Great Britain
France - Belgium
France - Luxembourg
France - Germany
France - Switzerland
France - Italy
France - Spain

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Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

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 Bettembourg - Thionville (electrified)
SNCF works long distance passenger trains to and from Luxembourg. Local trains between Metz, Thionville and Luxembourg are worked by both SNCF and CFL.

SNCF class Z2 passing CFL class 3618
next to Howald on 18. June 2000.
© Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

A southbound passenger-trains is worked
by an unknown SNCF loco. On the right
side the line to Oetrange diverses.
© Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

operator used stock
CFL 250, 260 and 2000, ???
SNCF ???

 Esch-sur-Alzette - Audun-le-Tiche (electrified)
CFL works a passenger service to Audun-le-Tiche. The SNCF line towards Fontoy is closed.

operator used stock
CFL 250, 260 and 2000, ???
SNCF ???

 Rodange - Longwy (electrified)
CFL works the passenger trains to Longwy. (Luxemburg -) Rodange - Longwy cross-border line

operator used stock
CFL 250, 260 and 2000, ???
SNCF ???

 Lasauvage - Doihl (electrified)
This 700mm gauge, 500V dc railway is a preserved mining line, the full length of which is from Fond de Gras (Luxembourg) to Saulnes (France). The cross-border section is in a 1400m long tunnel. Trains, operated by Minièresbunn Doihl-Rodange asbl, operate in the afternoon on Sundays and holidays from 1 May until the second Sunday in October.

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