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border lines Germany - France

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

French border lines (incomplete)
France - Great Britain
France - Belgium
France - Luxembourg
France - Germany
France - Switzerland
France - Italy
France - Spain

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map of German network
map of French network

traffic between Woippy and Mannheim

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 [Müllheim -] Neuenburg - Bantzenheim [- Mulhouse] (electrified)
Freight only. SNCF formerly worked to Neuenburg (Baden) using dual-voltage locomotives, in December 2006 Railion took up services to Mulhouse.

operator used stock
Railion 185.0 (to Mulhouse),
140 (to Neuenburg only)
SNCF diesels
thanks to Marco Weber (last update: December 2006)

 Kehl - Strasbourg (electrified)
SNCF works TGV services Stuttgart - Karlsruhe - Paris, while DB runs some local services to Strasbourg using dual-voltage locomotives. German private operator OSB took over regional services in summer 2003, offering hourly trains in cooperation with SNCF.

operator used stock
DB AG 181.2
OSB Regioshuttles
20200 (to Kehl only)
(last update: June 2007)

border-station Kehl
border-station Strasbourg
International EC services hauled by DB class 181.2 at Kehl and Strasbourg.
© Robert Keilhofer

 Woerth - Lauterbourg
DB works trains to Lauterbourg during the summer.

operator used stock
DB AG 612, 628
BASF 1001 - 1003 (services to Lauterbourg discontinued in January 2005)
SNCF Fret 461 (VSFT G1206 hired from Angeltrains) (to Wörth and Ludwigshafen BASF)
rail4chem G1206
thanks to Markus Hilt and Holger Kötting (last update: August 2007)

border-station Lauterbourg
border-station Lauterbourg
border-station Lauterbourg
border-station Lauterbourg
Various stock at border-station Lauterbourg in May 2005.
© Robert Keilhofer

 [Winden -] Schweighofen - Wissembourg
DB runs regular trains to Wissembourg. Additional services Neustadt - Strasbourg during weekends have been started in 2007.

operator used stock
DB AG 218, 628
SNCF X73900 (weekends)
thanks to Holger Kötting (last update: August 2007)

 Rilchingen-Hanweiler - Sarreguemines (electrified)
Stadtbahn Saar GmbH works a light rapid transit system between Sarreguemines and Saarbrücken, using DB and SNCF tracks south from Brebach. Only one track in SNCF-station Sarreguemines is electrified with 15kV 16 2/3Hz, through-trains are operated by diesels.

border-station Sarreguemines
Saarbahn entering Sarreguemines
Saarbahn meeting SNCF DMU
Face by face
Various views of the border-station Sarreguemines.
© www.fotoralf.de

operator used stock
DB AG - (formerly 140, 141, 218)
Saarbahn light rail EMUs
SNCF X4300, 466 (to Sarreguemines only),
X73900, 461
thanks to Stefan Klär (last update: June 2007)

 Saarbrücken - Stiring-Wendel [- Forbach] (electrified)
Voltage transition point is located on open line; DB dual-voltage locos currently work most freight traffic and long-distance services to/from Paris are operated by ICE 3. SNCF and DB diesel multiple-units provide local passenger services.

operator used stock
DB AG 185 (locos 020 - 039), no 181.2 anymore
SNCF X73900,
437, 461 (leased VSFT G2106)
thanks to Alan Reekie and Stefan Klär (last update: June 2007)

system change at the border in Forbach (KVB, PZB, Integra)

 Überherrn - Hargarten-Falck
The Catenary was discharged in 1994 on the German side and in the border-station Überherrn (equipped with two sections, usage of dual-voltage locos), in 1995 also in France.
The whole DB track to Wadgassen was switchable to 25kV 50Hz. This switchable part was used as test-track for the German industry producing locos for 25kV-systems.
Until 1986 DB classes 140 & 181 and SNCF class BB 12'000 & CC 14'100 were used for international freight-trains. Inner-German passenger-trains were hauled by class 141 and before its closure in 1991 class 798 was in use. DB Netz AG offered operation of 'Überherrn - Überherrn Bundesgrenze' again in autumn 1997 successlessly.

 Dillingen - Bouzonville
Freight only, including trains operated since June 2005 by CFTA Cargo, with some occasional passenger trains. DB operates a passenger service between Dillingen (Saar) and Niedaltdorf.

operator used stock
DB AG 628
SNCF 461
CFTA Cargo VSFT 1206
thanks to Stefan Klär (last update: June 2007)

 [Trier -] Perl - Apach [- Thionville] (electrified)
Freight only, with some occasional passenger trains. Local DB and SNCF-TER passenger services terminate in Perl and Apach respectively (about 1,5 km apart). Operation of two return journeys between Trier and Metz (100 km) by TER DMU on Saturdays and Sundays started in 2006.

operator used stock
DB 425, 426 (to Perl only)
Railion 185 (locos 020 to 039),
no 181.0, 181.2, 184, 215, 216, 225 anymore
SNCF 427 (to Apach only), 437,
thanks to Stefan Klär (last update: June 2007)

System change at Apach
Perl station
two generations of multi-system locos
leaving Apach station
Railion class 181.2 locos at Apach and Perl.
© Die V100 im Internet
Various locos at border-station Apach.
© G√ľnter Dutreux

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