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border lines Germany - Denmark

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

Danish border lines
Denmark - Germany
Denmark - Sweden

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border-station Padborg

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 [Niebüll - ] Süderlügum - Tønder
Since april 2003 NordOstseeBahn GmbH (NOB), a subsidiary of Connex, provides international passenger-trains. Freight-trains are operated by NVAG, who also owns the German section of the line. The line was reopened on 2. July 2000, after the passenger traffic on the line had been shut down since 1979.

operator used stock
NOB T4 (Jenbacher J3894-103/1995/5047; hired from NEG Niebüll)
formerly VT 411 (hired from WEG; now used on Rügen since March 2004)
NEG Niebüll DL 2 (weekly freight-train)

thanks to Dirk Kupfer, Georg Ringler
(last update: April 2004)

DSB MR4010/MRD4210 south of Tønder
DSB MR/D-10 on 2. July 2000
© Sven Ullrich
Tønder station
TÝnder station
©2003 Heinz Treber
Tønder station
©2003 Heinz Treber

 Flensburg - Padborg (electrified)
In December 2007 DB Fernverkehr started operation of through-running services in cooperation with DSB, extending the ICE-network towards Århus.
After German regional services have been operated under the brand "Flex" for a couple of years, they are run by DB Regio again, still terminating at » Padborg, which is a better location, due to its simple layout, for the change in electrification system.
A direct connection bypassing the loop through Flensburg station is used by freight trains. Railion operates some freight-trains to Hamburg-Maschen and diesel services as far as Flensburg.

operator used stock
DB AG 605 (to Århus)
101, 110, 112, 185, 628.2 (to Padborg)
Railion 185 (to Malmö)
140, 151, 152 (to Padborg)
RAG 145, 185 (to Padborg)
DSB EA, MR, IC3 (to Padborg only)
DSB EG (to Hamburg-Maschen)
EA, MK, KØF (to Padborg only)
TGOJ T66 (to Padborg)

thanks to Dirk Kupfer and Georg Ringler
(last update: December 2007)

IC126 arriving at Flensburg
DSB-MZ1431 running to Flensburg in winter 1987
© Johannes Picht
DSB 5285 arriving at Flensburg
DSB 5285 arriving at Flensburg station...
©2004 Heinz Treber
FLEX arriving at Flensburg
...followed by southbound FLEX service.
©2003 Heinz Treber

 Puttgarden - Rødby Færge (train ferry)
For a long time the EuroCity trains via this route were worked solely by DSB diesel units of class IC/3. For this reasons trainsets 76-85 are equipped with DB Indusi signalling equipment. In December 2007 a couple of services were integrated into the international ICE-network and are operated by diesel ICE-trainsets.
Since opening of the fixed line between Nyborg and Korsør, most freight-trains between Germany and Denmark run via Padborg.
on Fehmarn
DSB IC3 on Fehmarn
©2002 Nils Wieske

operator used stock
DB AG 605
DSB formerly IC/3 (76-85) equipped with Indusi

(last update: December 2007)

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