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border lines Germany - Czech Republic

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

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map of German network
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 Zittau - Hrádek nad Nisou [- Liberec]
Used by corridor trains between Zittau and Liberec, this line actually passes through a short stretch of Poland (without stations) before reaching Germany.

operator used stock
DB 612
LausitzBahn Desiro (642)
SBE 686 (ex-DB 515, rebuilt to DMU), 815 (ex-DB 796/798)
CD 743, 750, 753, 810, 830, 842, 843
thanks to Marco Weber
(last update: April 2007)

 Großschönau - Varnsdorf
This line is used by CD corridor trains between Varnsdorf and Liberec, while SBE works trains between Seifhennersdorf and Liberec.

operator used stock
CD 743, 750, 753, 810, 830, 842, 843
SBE 686 (ex-DB 515, rebuilt to DMU), 815 (ex-DB 796/798)
thanks to Bronek Branislav, Georg Ringler and Marco Weber
(last update: March 2007)

 [Eibau -] Seifhennersdorf - Varnsdorf
The DB Corridor Trains on the secondary route between Eibau and Zittau ceased at the end of the Winter 2000/2001 timetable, so this route now has no passenger service.
German services Seifhennersdorf - Zittau - Liberec are run by private operator Sächsisch-Böhmischen Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (SBE).

operator used stock
SBE 686 (ex-DB 515, rebuilt to DMU), 815 (ex-DB 796/798)
thanks to Georg Ringler and Marco Weber
(last update: March 2007)

"Konrad Bier" at Zittau
SBE service to Eibau is ready to depart from Zittau and will use to above corridor lines via Großschönau and Varnsdorf.
© Jan Skalicky

 Neusalza-Spremberg - Taubenheim (Spree)
The line carries DB trains on the Bischofswerda - Zittau line through the Czech Republic with no intermediate stations.

operator used stock
DB ???
(last update: ---)

 Ebersbach - Rumburk
The number freight of freight trains increased during the last years. German operator ITL works to Ebersbach, where CD takes over the haulage. Some trains are run to their final destination by CD, some are passed to operated to a private Czech operator at Rumburk.
CD works passenger trains on weekends.

operator used stock
CD 810
freight trains hauled by 753 discontinued
(last update: March 2007)

 [Bad Schandau -] Schöna - Dolní éleb [- Decín] (electrified)
There is a fixed voltage change near the border and through trains are worked by dual-system electric locomotives.
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Zu den Z√ľgen - S√§chsische Schweiz
DB works passenger trains to Decin, whilst CD operates to Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin in electric traction and to Bad Schandau with Diesels.
Railion class 180 (locomotives of Czech design, owned by Railion) runs to Praha and Kutna Hora (at Kutna Hora changing to czech class 263), Railion classes 189 and 23x reach Decin only.

operator used stock
DB 642
Railion 180, 189, 23x
CD 371/372, 742, 750/753, 810
thanks to Zdenek Haft and Marco Weber
(last update: April 2007)

change of personal at Bad Schandau
Passing Bad Schandau
DB 180 at Dolni-Zleb
border-station Decin
Decin station
various impressions from Bad Schandau, Dolni-Zleb and Decín.
© Luc Favre and Jan Skalicky

 [Cranzahl -] Bärenstein - Vejprty [- Chomutov]
DB works to Vejprty, the line was closed south of Wolkenstein between May 1999 and December 2003. First direct services Chemnitz-Chomutov were invented in April 2004.

operator used stock
DB 628, 642
thanks to Georg Ringler
(last update: April 2004)

DB 642 arriving at Vejprty.
© Jan Skalicky
DB 642 at Vejprty

 Johann-Georgenstadt - Potucky [- Karlovy Vary]
CD works to Johann-Georgenstadt, DB through to Karlovy Vary (on weekends).

operator used stock
DB 642
CD 742, 810, 814
Marco Weber
(last update: June 2007)

 Klingenthal - Kraslice
The line re-opened in May 2000. Vogtlandbahn works to Kraslice, with some trains running through to and from Sokolov (- Karlovy Vary on weekends).

operator used stock
Vogtlandbahn Regiosprinter
(last update: March 2003)

 Bad Brambach - Raun - Voitanov
The line crosses into the Czech Republic twice, with a station at Plesná in the Czech Republic before crossing back into Germany for a short distance north of Vojtanov. German operator Vogtlandbahn works through trains between Reichenbach and Cheb.

operator used stock
DB 232, 642
(no 219 anymore)
Vogtlandbahn Regiosprinter
(last update: March 2003)

 Selb-Ploessberg - As
The line was closed in 1992.

 Schirnding - Cheb
DB works to Cheb.

operator used stock
DB 610, 612
(formerly 2x218 and 232 hauling ECs)
Railion 232
CD formerly 781 (without Indusi) hauled freight-trains to Arzberg, DB 232 or 365 were in Schirnding added to initiate Indusi-contacts.
Vogtlandbahn Regiosprinter (to Cheb, occasionally to Mariánské Láznê)
thanks to Georg Ringler and Marco Weber
(last update: December 2006)

CSD loco T679.1263 at Schirnding
CSD loco T679.1263 at Schirnding
CSD loco T679.1263 has arrived at Schirnding
© Langs de rails

 Furth im Wald - Ceska Kubice [- Plzen]
CD works to Furth im Wald.

operator used stock
CD 742, 753, 754
(EC in double-traction discontinued)
(last update: March 2003)

 Bayerisch Eisenstein / Železná Ruda-Alžbětín
Bayerisch Eisenstein station lays exactly on the border. CD works to Bayerisch Eisenstein, while Regentalbahn (on behalf of DB Regio) operates to Železná Ruda Město - Spicak.

operator used stock
Regentalbahn 650
CD 754, 830
thanks to Zdenek Haft, Marco Weber and Jörg Bruchertseifer
(last update: October 2007)

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