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border lines France - Great Britain

French border lines (incomplete)
France - Great Britain
France - Belgium
France - Luxembourg
France - Germany
France - Switzerland
France - Italy
France - Spain

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 (Calais-) Coquelles - Cheriton (-Ashford)
Local shuttles carrying road vehicles, operated by Eurotunnel between its terminals on loops at Coquelles and Cheriton. Through passenger and freight trains, operated by Eurostar*, EWS (soon for Eurocargorail) and SNCF.
The line through the Channel Tunnel was opened in May 1994, replacing the train ferry services between Dunkerque and Dover (Western Docks) and (freight only) between Zeebrugge and Harwich.

The twin-bore Channel tunnel's loading gauge is exceptionally large, so as to accommodate the 'shuttle' vehicles which thus cannot run elsewhere. Similarly, the catenary energised at 25 kV 50 Hz is much higher than usual. And because of the restricted loading gauge of the existing British network, only rolling stock bearing the "CT" pictogram is permitted to run through it.

*Eurostar passenger services between London and Paris or Brussels are operated by a consortium of Belgian Railways (SNCB/NMBS), French Railways (SNCF) and London & Continental Railways (LCR). They are scheduled to cover the 50.5 km between portals in about 22 minutes.
Eurotunnel shuttle service
Eurotunnel 'shuttle'
© Alan Reekie

Eurotunnel 'CT' pictogram
STVA car-carrying vehicle, showing 'CT' pictogram
© Alan Reekie

operator used stock
Eurotunnel 90xx
SNCB/SNCF/LCR 373 (Eurostar)
EWS/SNCF 92xxx
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  Dunkirk - Dover (rail ferry)
Rail freight and the first-class sleeping cars of the CIWL's "Night Ferry", on vessels operated by Sealink (BR and SNCF). The teminal berth at Dunkerque was originally in the central basin, between the Quai Frécinet No. 11 and the Quai de Panama, but was transferred to the tidal Bassin de l'Atlantique (near Loon-Plage) on 4/5 July 1976. The Night Ferry service began on 13 October 1936 and (after wartime interruption) finally closed on 31 October 1980.

In 1969, the all-inclusive price for a one-way journey in a two-berth compartment was FRF 116 (roughly € 17.70 if inflation is disregarded).
Dunkirk - Dover rail ferry
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