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border lines Denmark - Sweden

Danish border lines
Denmark - Germany
Denmark - Sweden

Swedish border lines
Sweden - Denmark
Sweden - Norway
Sweden - Finland

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 København - Malmö (electrified)
The Øresund fixed link, via a tunnel and a bridge, between Denmark and Sweden opened on 2 July 2000. Electrification and signalling standards are of Danish standards. Shift to the Swedish electrification system is made at Lernacken, where the bridge begins on the SE side.
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Change between Swedish and Danish signal systems is on the (artificial) island Peberholm on the Danish side, where the bridge ends and the tunnel part starts. A flyover decreasing contrains in operation is currently under construction.
Dual-frequency electric units and locomotives work passenger and freight trains.
Traffic mainly consist of "Öresund trains", running basically Helsingör - København - Kastrup airport - Malmö - Lund - Helsingborg with extensions to Kalmar (on Swedish east coast) and Göteborg (and other). Most of those trains are cooperated by DSB and Skånetrafiken, a regional operator. Trains are of the "rubber nose" type, 3-car EMU's. Swedish type X31K, danish type ET.
DSB operates trains between København and Ystad, connecting there with a ferry to the Danish island of Bornholm. Passengers to/from Bornholm can use DSB domestic tickets, but these are not valid for break of journey in Sweden. These trains do not call at Malmö, but reverse at Fosieby, the direct curve onto the Ystad line not yet having been built. Same trains as mentioned above are used. Swedish X2000 HST to Stockholm are run by SJ, and "Linx" to Göteborg (same rolling stock as X2000) is cooperated by SJ and NSB (but it will change soon). The train type is X2K and X2NK ("K" are allowed in Denmark, "N" are allowed in Norway).
Freight is mostly run by Danish class EG locos, but probably operators will join.
In December 2007 Railion and the Swedish rail freight company Green Cargo founded a joint rail production company named Railion Scandinavia A/S, after starting their cooperation in 2006. New Class 185 multi-system locomotives were scheduled to go into operation starting in winter 2007/2008. Railion and Green Cargo are jointly investing in 23 new multi-frequency locomotives. The locomotives are provided with train control systems and security certificates for all three countries.

operator used stock
Skånetrafiken X31K
SJ X2K (København - Stockholm),
X2NK (København - Göteborg, from 8. January 2005)
Linx X2NK (København - Göteborg, until 20. December 2004)
Railion class EG
185 (Hamburg-Maschen - Malmö, from winter 2007/2008)
thanks to Peter Faber
(last update: December 2007)

X2 on Peberholm
Linx2 on Peberholm
EG passing Øresund fixed link
Various pictures from manmade island Peberholm and the connecting bridge.
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