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border lines Belgium - Netherlands

Belgian border lines
Belgium - France
Belgium - Netherlands
Belgium - Germany
Belgium - Luxembourg

Dutch border lines
Netherlands - Belgium
Netherlands - Germany

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 [Gent -] Zelzate - Sas van Gent [-Terneuzen] (non-electrified)
Freight only.

operator used stock
SNCB/NMBS 62, 77
NS 64
204 hired from DB AG (locos 204 366, 399, 492, 616 and 626)
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: May 2003)

 [Antwerpen] Essen - Roosendaal (electrified)
The voltage transition point is just south of Roosendaal. SNCB standard electric multiple-units work to Roosendaal, operating at reduced power under the NS 1500V catenary. The passenger service between Brussel and Amsterdam is operated either by push-pull trains, comprising NS carriages and SNCB dual-voltage electric locomotives, or Thalys trains on services through from Paris.

operator used stock (running through
SNCB/NMBS 11, 25.5, certain 55 & 77 (see below), Thalys PBA & PBKA

AM62/66/70/73 (as far as Roosendaal only)
NS 64, Thalys PBA & PBKA
DLC class 66
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

 [Antwerpen] Brecht - Breda [Rotterdam] (electrified)
This new cross-border line now under construction for very high-speed trains between Brussels and Amsterdam runs alongside the E19 motorway. It is electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz almost all the way between the junctions with the existing networks on the outskirts of Antwerp and Breda, and only trains fitted with ETCS cab-signalling will be allowed on it. Until enough suitable trains are available, they will consist of conventional coaches hauled by Bombardier Traxx MS locos leased from Angel Trains.

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: January 2006)

 Neerpelt - Budel [- Weert] (non-electrified)
The railway between Antwerp and the Ruhr via Neerpelt (B), Weert (NS), Roermond (NS) and Dalheim (DB), is popularly known as the "Iron Rhine" because it potentially offers an alternative route for freight traffic to that via this major waterway. However, since 1991 no traffic has routinely flowed across the two borders along this route, notably because the sections concerned need renovation, and Belgium and the Netherlands disagreed about what work was needed and how to share the cost of doing it.
Under the provisions of Art. XII of the 1839 "Scheidingsverdrag" the Permanent Arbitrage Court was asked to settle the matter, and on 24 May 2005 the Belgian Prime Minister stated that the Belgian and Netherlands governments intended to discuss how to implement the ruling issued under its auspices. According to a news item in Le Soir of 17 June 2005, the SNCB hopes that the Iron Rhine can be reopened shortly; for this purpose it has already equipped diesel locos 5507, 5517, 5523, 5526, 5533 and 7771-7790 with in-cab signal repeating equipment of the types used by DB and NS.
Details of the work now in course on renovating the line are given (in Dutch) on Project IJzeren Rijn; the western section Neerpelt - Weert reopened in spring 2007, and it is expected that some or all DLC's Antwerp - Born - Duisburg trains will then be re-routed to use it instead of running via Roosendaal.
B-Cargo trains run regularly via Neerpelt between Antwerp docks and Budel, serving a local zinc factory.

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: March 2007)

operator used stock
?? ??

 [Liège -] Visé - Eijsden [- Maastricht] (electrified)
The voltage change point is at Maastricht Randwijck. SNCB standard EMUs work to Maastricht, operating at reduced power under the NS 1500V catenary. Locomotive-hauled passenger trains hauled by SNCB single-voltage locos have been discontinued in 2002.
Freight trains are worked to Maastricht by SNCB single-voltage locos and to Sittard by SNCB dual-voltage locos (class 25.5).

operator used stock
SNCB/NMBS AM62/66/70/73
21, 22, 23, 25.5, 26, 27
NS 65
DLC class 66
thanks to Alan Reekie and Stefan von der Ruhren (last update: May 2004)

international haulage
Loco 6513 (Railion NL) and an unknown class 25.5 (SNCB) work the lime train (Jemelle - Beverwijk) northbound.
© Stefan von der Ruhren
SNCB 25.5 

at Visé
SNCB loco 2551 works the southbound lime train through Visé-Bas in summer 2005.

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