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border lines Belgium - Luxembourg

Belgian border lines
Belgium - France
Belgium - Netherlands
Belgium - Germany
Belgium - Luxembourg

Luxembourgian border lines
Luxembourg - Belgium
Luxembourg - Germany
Luxembourg - France

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 Gouvy - Troisvierges (electrified)
The two-hourly Luxembourg - Liège service is jointly worked by SNCB and CFL with trains and crews working through. Trains are hauled by dual-system electric locomotives: the transition between 3kV DC and 25kV 50Hz is just south of Rivage in Belgium.

SNCB 5531 at Maulusmühle
SNCB 5531 passing station
Maulusmühle in 1994
© W.P. Smina

Passing the border in 1988,
when the line wasn't electrified
© Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

operator used stock

15, 55 (as far as Gouvy only)
CFL 3000
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

 [Arlon -] Sterpenich - Kleinbettingen [- Luxembourg] (electrified)
SNCB 3kV DC electrification extends to Luxembourg station and Luxembourg triage, where there are switchable tracks. SNCB 3kV EMUs work through to Luxembourg and are also used on CFL local trains between Luxembourg and Kleinbettingen. Two SNCB electric units have been transferred to CFL ownership to account for this, but they are maintained by SNCB and work in common with the SNCB fleet. SNCF diesel locomotives were used occasionally on freight between Thionville and Arlon via Luxembourg, but this traffic is being transferred to the newly-electrified Athus - Meuse line.

operator used stock
SNCB/NMBS 20, 27, AM96
CFL 1800, ME26 (former NSB Di.6 hired from Siemens Dispolok), 300

2100 (as far as Kleinbettingen only)
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

locos of SNCB and SNCF at Luxembourg
SNCB 2002 and SNCF BB 13038 at Luxembourg on 3. August 1988.
© Johannes Picht

 Athus - Rodange (electrified)
The area is electrified at 25kV 50Hz and CFL provides the hourly passenger service from Rodange, whereas Athus has no SNCB passenger service. The SNCB's line from Athus to Dinant via Virton and Bertrix (including the chord giving direct access to Rodange) was electrified at 25 kV in December 2002, the transition 3/25 kV is located about 135 from the SNCB/CFL-border. Through freight services between Antwerp docks and Saint-Louis (the last station before the Swiss border) or intermediate points such as Thionville are operated throughout by the SNCB's type 13 dual-system electric locos (and the CFL's similar type 30s).

CFL dual-voltage loco 4008
CFL dual-voltage loco 4008 at Athus (Bel)
© Alan Reekie

CFL EMU 2020 entering Rodange (Lux)
© Les chemins de fer au Luxembourg

operator used stock
CFL 3000

2000, 4000 (as far as Athus only)
DLC class 66
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: January 2005)

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