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border lines Belgium - Germany

Belgian border lines
Belgium - France
Belgium - Netherlands
Belgium - Germany
Belgium - Luxembourg

German border lines
Germany - Denmark
Germany - Poland
Germany - Czech Republic
Germany - Austria
Germany - Switzerland
Germany - France
Germany - Luxembourg
Germany - Belgium
Germany - Netherlands

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border-station Aachen HBf

operation on Cologne - Brussels

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 Montzen - Aachen West (electrified)
Freight only. The largest part of trains is operated by COBRA, a joint company of Railion and B-Cargo, which started operation after gap closing the electrification in late 2008. Since then, also various private train operating companies intend to run electrified trains through. Additionaly, a zoo of German locomotives banks trains out of Aachen West. Trains usually run on the right-hand track throughout to and from Aachen West. The (seldom used) interlaced central track in Gemmenich tunnel is feeded by the conductor rail of the northern track.
Electrification at 3 kV of the single-track Montzen - Welkenraedt line, which has no scheduled traffic but provides a valuable route for diverting trains, was completed in December 2005.

SNCB 5537 reaching Belgian ground
Banking up the hill
Reaching Belgium
Operation by classes 55 and 225 east and west of Gemmenicher tunnel.
© mtnsub.org

CFL class 18 at Gemmenich
CFL class 18 passing Moresnet viaduct
In 1990 coke-trains to Alsdorf were operated with CFL class 18 diesels,
which are similar to SNCB class 55.
© Johannes Picht

operator used stock
COBRA 28 (Bombardier TRAXX hired via B-Cargo from AngelTrains)
B-Cargo 55, 62
7771 - 7790 (leading additional class 77 in pairs or triples)

51 (until April 2003)
DLC class 66
rail4chem class 66
RTB/Trainsport class 66, G2000
(last update: December 2008)

 [Liège -] Welkenraedt - Aachen Hbf (electrified)
» Aachen Hbf has four switchable tracks, but most » cross-border passenger services are now provided by multi-system high-speed trains. Since 15 December 2002, SNCB has been operating 3 kV EMUs (IR) at two-hourly intervals between Liège-Guillemins and Aachen Hbf. In the past » SNCB multisystem locomotives hauled 'classic' trains through to Köln.
In correspondance with the construction of the new Buschtunnel in late 2007 the flyover west of the tunnel(s) was removed and the line was upgraded to permit speeds up to 160 km/h.

Gallery of SNCB/NMBS Polycourants 16/18
Thalys meeting class 225 in Aachen-Süd
Thalys passing Hergenrath
New services, new track layout
ICE service at the new Buschtunnel
ICE against crocodile
Various impressions taken east and west of Buschtunnel and the (former) flyover in 2002-2007
© Lennarts Eisenbahnseite and mtnsub.org

operator used stock
Thalys Thalys PBKA
SNCB/NMBS AM62/66/70/73, 27 (as far as Aachen only),

» 16 (until December 2002),
» 18 (until autumn 1999)
DB ICE 3-M (406)
(last update: December 2008)

 Raeren - Kalterherberg - Sourbrodt (non-electrified)
Railbike on Sourbrodt - Kalterherberg
"rail-bike" on Sourbrodt - Kalterherberg
© Thomas Rottmann
Agreements made pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles designated the two sections of the "Vennbahn", that run through Germany, as Belgian national territory.
Until autumn 2003 touristic trains were operated from Eupen to Bütgenbach or Trois Point. Since July 2004 the section Sourbrodt - Kalterherberg can be run using "rail-bikes".

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: July 2004)

 [Weywertz -] Losheimergraben - Losheim [- Jünkerath] (non-electrified)
The line is closed, but has to be retained for strategic military purposes.

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: June 2003)

Steam on Jünkerath - Losheim
Steam on Jünkerath - Losheim
Steam on Jünkerath - Losheim
Steam on Jünkerath - Losheim
94.1538 with a timber freight train on the German Part Jünkerath - Losheim.
© Thomas Rottmann

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