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border lines Belgium - France

Belgian border lines
Belgium - France
Belgium - Netherlands
Belgium - Germany
Belgium - Luxembourg

French border lines (incomplete)
France - Great Britain
France - Belgium
France - Luxembourg
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 De Panne - Bray Dunes (non-electrified)
Freight only, there is no traffic at present, but the rails are still in situ. This line is shown as 'neutralisé ou fermé' in the map published in 'La Vie du Rail' of 16 April 2003, p.11. Zuydcoote station
Zyudcoote station
© Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

 Mouscron/Moeskroen - Tourcoing (electrified)
The neutral section between the SNCB's 3kV and the SNCF's 25kV is a few kilometers south of Mouscron. Passenger services between Lille and Ostend via Brugge and between Lille and Antwerpen via Gent are worked by SNCB dual-system EMUs.
SNCB dual-system electric locomotives work freight trains through to Lille Délivrance yard, and SNCF multisystem locos haul some freight trains through to/ from Zeebrugge and Gent Zeehaven yards.
border between Mouscron and Tourcoing

operator used stock
SNCB 12, AM96
SNCF 436
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: November 2004)

 [Tournai -] Froyennes - Baisieux [- Lille] (electrified)
A neutral section just west of Froyennes separates SNCB and SNCF electrification and only dual-system electric motive power can use the line. Initially, most local passenger trains continued to be worked by SNCF diesel units, but now SNCB dual-system EMUs run hourly between Lille and Liège.

operator used stock
SNCF ---
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

 [Bruxelles -] Antoing - Frétin [- Lille/Paris] (electrified)
Electrification at 25 kV is to SNCF standards to the end of the high speed line at Lembeek (15 km from Brussels), with neutral sections there and at the intermediate access points near Antoing and near Ath. Only trains equipped with TVM cab signalling can use this line.

operator used stock
SNCB TGV, Thalys PBA, Thalys PBKA, Eurostar
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: April 2003)

 [Mons -] Quévy - Feignies [- Aulnoye] (electrified)
In response to a long local campaign, from mid-December 2005 four TER trains each way will run Monday-Friday between Quévy and Aulnoye-Aimeries, and another four between Quévy and Maubeuge via the disused chord line near Hautmont, offering connections to Paris, Valenciennes etc. (for times, see SNCB table 96f). Feignies station may be reopened later in this context.

operator used stock

27, 41 (as far as Quèvy only)
SNCF 436

215, 427, 437 (as far as Quèvy only)
SNCF Fret 467 400 (diesel)
thanks to Alan Reekie and Patrick Therrillion (last update: July 2008)

 [Mons -] Quièvrain - Blanc-Misseron [- Valenciennes] (out of use)
The announcement in January 2006 that work of renovating the existing tracks between Douai and Blanc-Misseron, via Valenciennes, at a cost of EUR 45 million will begin in 2008 clearly improves the prospect of reopening this short cross-border section. Various options can be envisaged, notably the coexistence of passenger services by trams from Valenciennes and diesel freight haulage. Into the French nowhere

thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: January 2006)

 [Charleroi -] Erquelinnes - Jeumont [- Aulnoye] (electrified)
3kV DC extends to Jeumont, where there are switchable tracks in the station and freight sidings. Apart from 3 SNCB EMUs on weekdays, no regular passenger trains use this border crossing, but a gradually increasing number of freight trains are being hauled by dual- or multi-system locos. In Belgium, SNCF type 436 locos haul freight to/ from Monceau and Ronet, and will reach Montzen from 12 Dec. 2004. Hautmont station
Hautmont station ~1910
© Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy

operator used stock

AM62/66/70/73 (as far as Jeumont only)
SNCF 436
thanks to Alan Reekie (last update: November 2004)

 Dinant - Givet (non-electrified)
Most track still in situ, but through running no longer possible, occasional tourist operation discontinued.

 [Dinant -] Aubange - Longwy (electrified)
The new chord line L.165/2 near Athus, making direct running with 25 kV traction possible between Virton and Longwy, entered service on 12 Dec. 2004. However, it carries only freight traffic between Belgium and France introduced since 1999, as an agreement between SNCB and CFL prevents diversion of the traffic then routed via Rodange without permission from the CFL
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Ligne Aubange - Mont-St.Martin
thanks to Alan Reekie
(last update: December 2004)

operator used stock
CFL 3000

Construction works at Aubange - Mont St-Martin line
Construction works at Aubange - Mont St-Martin line
First electric train
Construction works on the Belgium part looking north-east. The bridge carries road N830 over the new line.
© Alan Reekie
First electric train.
© Alain Streel

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